About a year ago, one of our fantastic fans and supporters, quilt designer extraordinaire, Dougal Walker, had the brilliant idea that we could probably turn a square cookie into a quilt block. 

Now, I am ashamed to admit that I have a lovely sewing machine gathering dust in the corner of my closet.  I also have several pairs of expensive jeans that have sat next to that sewing machine for over a year waiting to be shortened the extra foot or so that will enable me to actually wear them.  

While my sewing skills (or lack thereof) leave much to be desired, Dougal can turn fabric into artful wall hangings and other decorative pieces full of beauty and imagination.  So for our cookies she kindly introduced me to quilting magazines that show traditional and contemporary quilt blocks for inspiration... and inspired I was!  I had a blast trying to turn fabric into icing once again (the first time being the tartan cookies we created almost a year ago) and the quilters at the Quilt Show recognized my cookies were quilt blocks which was exciting.  

The Designer Quilt Show at Tanglebank Gardens was a lovely introduction to the world of quilting.  The sun shone all day and the amazing quilts were displayed throughout the gardens.  We had fun talking to visitors about quilts and cookies, and enjoyed the company of a delightful orange cat named Mr. Tubbs.  All in all, a fantastic day. 

If you want to check out Tanglebank Gardens we hear they have an amazing Christmas display in their stylish gift shop.  http://tanglebank.com/

If you want to try your hand at quilting, or if you just want to learn more about Dougal Walker and her beautiful quilts, her designer label is "The Freckles Collection."  http://frecklescollection.com

Our next Steveston Farmers Market is on September 26th... hopefully it isn't as rainy as it was this week!  We are taking orders for Thanksgiving, so if you want to make sure you have turkey cookies for your Thanksgiving table place settings, get your orders in now -- there are no minimums if you pick up at a future market (Sept 26th or October 10th Thanksgiving). 




Cheryl and Brian
10/03/2010 12:37


We loved the beautiful cookies you made for our 40th ruby wedding anniversary. They travelled safely back to England and were admired by friends and family, who asked "where can we get some for our special occasions?"

Thanks so much once again.


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